Anglesey is not that well known as a venue for motorsport which is a real shame because it’s a fantastic circuit with a great mix of high and low speed corners to challenge drivers and cars alike.

2017-07-19_12-07-42This was WRO first appearance in the 705MC Enduro Series. The key reason we entered this race was to give Davie and Daniel far more competition against similar paced cars to help in improving their racing skills in terms of both attacking and defending. The format for the meeting was a simple one, thirty minutes qualifying with a three hour race in which we had to make at least two pit stops.


Qualifying was straight forward, Daniel went out first, bedding in new brake pads. We also had new Nankang tyres which we had heard good things about but never used before so had to learn how to get the best out of these. At the half way point Davie took over the duties, minor changes to tyre pressures were made. Given very limited track time the car set up looked good from the pit wall, our Donnington test day two weeks earlier really making a difference.


We qualified 24th overall, our car placed in class B meaning we were giving away a lot of horsepower to the competition. The drivers felt the left rear of the car was squatting a little too much and this was fixed with a damper adjustment and tyres pressure changes. Apart from that all was good, the car looking great under braking.


For the race the plan was straight forward, David to start for about 50 minutes, swap with Daniel for a longer middle stint and then Davie back in to finish. However we felt safety car intervention would play a part in the day, and we were right.


The start was dry and warm and the field of 32 cars all got away cleanly. It was not long before Davie started to make up places, the adjustments made during qualifying really helping him out-brake the competition into both slow and fast corners. After 40 minutes we were up to 18th. As Davie exited turn 3, the very fast right hander onto the back straight, a BMW had a huge spin leaving him no option but to take to the grass to avoid heavy contact.




At first, we thought we thought no damage had been done but Davie soon reported very high engine temperatures. When he pitted it was clear that grass had completely blocked the radiator and inter cooler causing over heating problems. The crew set about clearing all the grass and cooling the engine down. We made the most of this time by refuelling and changing drivers. After 12 minutes the car was back out but we had slipped back to last position.


On the track Daniel continued the good work catching up laps and places. The engine felt good but was running a little hotter than we would have like. The handling was great and the Nankang tyres still working well. Now it was a case of keeping our heads down and focusing on the lap times. As others made pit stops and two short safety car periods we made up the lost time.


Daniel had been in the car for just over an hour when there was a huge accident against the pit wall. The safety car was out and we realised it would be a long control period. Davie was told to get ready quickly but we waited a few laps to let some of the cars clear the pit lane and then made our stop, driver change and refuel. All went well.


By this stage consistent driving, good pit work and others misfortune meant we had made up a few more places. However not long into Davie’s second stint he reported a clonking noise from the engine. When he pitted we spotted a lose engine mounting. Tightening this was not easy but after a few minute he was back out, problem fixed.


As we moved to the later stages of the race Davie was being consistent with lap times, making up ground but we had one more curve ball thrown at us. A Lotus spun right in front him avoiding a slower car. This time he could not avoid contact, straight away Davie was on the radio to report right front damage so he came into the pits. The front splitter had been broken and needed to be taken off the car and there was damage to the steering. With 15 minutes to go we sent him back out with the instruction, ‘nurse the car home’ which he did.


So after three unscheduled pit stops, two as a result of other people’s accidents we finished 26th overall and 9th in class. Both Daniel and Davie drove exceptionally well, consistent lap times, great overtakes and looking after the car. The Team worked well with the pit stops, the car’s handling the best it has been and the engine pulling well achieving our highest top speed yet of 134mph. The Nankang tyres worked really well and we plan to stick with them for the next race. Lots of positives to build on.


As ever our thanks to Blesma and Mac Tools for their continued support. Next up Silverstone in August.


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